Assignment 11:
A major component of graphic design is understanding the programs used to create your fabulous concepts.  The only way to truly understand how to create, is to know the basics.  In this case (and assignment), the basics of Adobe Illustrator.  
You will ultimately be creating a self portrait (I know, right?!) using several Illustrator tools - the pen tool, shapes, curves, gradients, etc.
This is a "several step" assignment.  First, take, get, find, borrow a photograph of yourself.  Ideally you should have one that is well lit - nice shadows so you have gradients to play with.  You can either practice the basics using the photograph or simply practice using Illustrator tools you will be using to create the finished illustration.  I have created a handout to follow as you need.
Due by Thursday - a good photograph of yourself (your face/head and shoulders).
Due by Monday - your practice of the basics.
Due by Wednesday - the start of your portrait.