Assignment 5: 

In this assignment you will be creating a new 26 letter alphabet, using any number of mediums, such as paint, pencil, computer, and collage, or anything else that comes to mind.

All final images must fit on one 11 x 17 paper, grid attached for printing

You can work in various mediums
1. Computer Generated fonts, 
2. Images found on the internet joined together to create letters
3. You can draw the letters based on photos, you have taken.
4. Letter sizes must be consistently the same - create a uniform size by using an even grid.
5. Save all on the server and on your flash drives.
6. If you decide to create the font with your own materials, such as "hair" or cereal, or street signs, be sure to bring

    this home with you as well as the materials you need to work in class.
7. You must have a theme (for example: all letters are made from tools, all letters created from street signs, etc.)

Brainstorm what your alphabet could be created using.  Letters could be made rom animal shapes, organic nature (rocks, twigs, leaves), people forming letter shapes.  Construction materials such as rulers, hammers, nails.  Art supplies such as paint brushes or pencils.  Plumbing materials such as pipes.