Assignment 1: If you were a professional graphic designer, what would your "presence" look like?

First things will be creating an online site you will use for the year.  Decide what you want your site (...and your personality and "work" image) to look like.  This is where you will post everything from ideas to completed assignments.  I will have access to the site so I can follow your progress, your concepts, work you would like to reconsider, and ultimately this is where I will be able to follow your journey as a photographer.


A few things to consider when creating the design.  Your site is for your use only, but keep in mind, you will be visible not only me, but to NDB and anyone you share the site with.  Keep what you create and what you post professional at all times.


You are welcome to post images you capture other than assignments but please label every assignment with its name and assignment number.


Use the following link to start your new site:


Once you have completed your site, email me the link and I will add it to the class blog.

Assignment 2:

Part 1 - Watch both the 2 minute video by Ira Glass and the 15 minute TED Talk with designer icon Milton Glaser.  On your blog, note the concepts that struck you as important in this competitive world of design.  What inspires you to learn about and do good design?  
Part 2 - Select two great designs - anything from anywhere - and explain why you selected them and discuss their designs.  Along with your explanation, post the images, giving credit to the designers.